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Services & Warranty

More than turn-key. Simply board. DYMS mission is to provide its clients with a completely seamless boating experience. We want our client’s only concern to be simply to board the boat whenever they wish to use it; you don’t even have to turn the key because a dedicated crew member can do that for you. All the other facets of boat ownership will be handled by DYMS.” We achieve this mission by providing a transparent, diligent, and responsible management service of your vessel.

By leveraging ERH Marine’s (our parent company) extensive know-how and relationships in the Dominican boating industry, in combination with a robust and transparent manner of doing business, DYMS is able to provide a yachting management service that is second-to-none in terms of results and effectivity. DYMS only offers this service to the owner’s of ERH Marine brands, because in order to ensure top-knotch service to our customers, we need to have a solid relationship with the manufacturer.

The best thing is that the service is practically free, because all management fees paid to DYMS will be discounted from your next ERH Marine Vessel purchase!

Yacht Charters

BLUE COAST YACHT CHARTERS, INC. a Division of ERH Marine offers the following services with a new fleet of fully equipped premium fish-cruise yachts: Sport Fishing, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Beach Trips, Nature Cruises, Whale Watching Cruises, Sunset Cruises, Overnight Cruise or Fish Trips and Special Events.

All Packages Include Catering, Experienced Crew and Other Amenities. Please inform us your cruise or fishing needs by contacting us.

Yacht Management

Through our team of experienced professionals our role is to take care of your yacht and to make yacht ownership as exciting and pleasurable as possible, and help you regain or maintain your free time and relieve you from the task of managing and maintaining your boat. By Investing in having a professional look after your yacht on a regular basis, you are in fact investing in your new-found leisure time as well as the future value of your boat. Our service is based on a monthly or annual fee, and we offer three levels of management.